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Monday, December 7, 2015

Apple Barrell

Mis Queridos!
I actually feel pretty good about this weeks title. It comes from a metaphor my parents would always tell us when my dad got deployed. Our lives are like a barrell full of apples, and when dad leaves it tips over all the apples, and we spend the next 6 months picking them all up. Then when he comes back, the barrell gets tipped over again, and we spend the next 6 months picking them all up. Cambios on the mission are kind of like that. 
Actually, to be completely honest it hasnt been that hard at all. Our Trio got dispersed the day after it was created, as one of the Elders got moved unexpectedly. So now it is just me and Elder Drescher. I LOVE Elder Dresher. He is a hard working, capable, and consecrated missionary, and I am so incredibly excited to work with him. We have had a wonderful and interesting week, where we had to figure out all the fun dynamics of daily missionary life all over again. Like who prays when, who has to take care of the keys and the phone, and how to mix our teaching styles so we can teach and testify in unity. We are working on expanding the teaching pool right now. 
The hermana missionaries in our ward had a baptism this week, so we invited our investigator Manolo to it, along with his two sisters, one of whom is mas o menos activo (More or less active) and one of whom is "Religion isnt for me. Im free. Im going to live my own life" menos activo. We took some time after the baptism to talk to the three of them together. As we asked about the feelings they had had that night, Monica said "I felt nothing. It was just an action." ....
"Hermana, why do you think I felt something special and wonderful this night and you didn't?"
"Well it is because you believe. I dont believe. I dont like religion."
"Well Hermana, do you want to believe?"
"Nope. I want to be free and live my own life."
"Thank you. Hermano Manolo, how did you feel tonight?"
"Elderes, I used to have a lot of doubts. But I saw the faces of those three that were baptized, and I saw true happiness. I used to wonder if God existed. Now I know he does. And I know that everyone in the world needs to be baptized."
The Spirit speaks to each of us. It tries and tries. I hope you can see the requisites it takes to be able to hear it. 
We are still working with Manolo. He is set firmly on a wonderful path right now. 
I love the Spirit of the Lord. I love the Lord. I love being his missionary. I know that the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ has power to change anyone, if we are willing to let it.
I love you all!
Love, Elder Smith

Elder Seth Smith